About The NFTS

Goal of NFT Project:

“To bring my ‘Los Muertos Fine Art Works’ to a modernized, globalized, democratized art market, and to be one of the first from the Santa Fe art space to do so, making my art and its voice accessible and available to more people then I previously ever dreamed possible”

The Voice Of The Skeleton:

“One of my favorite messages that the sacred symbol of the skeleton voices throughout my art, is a message that goes beyond all these layers we have piled up on the surface that we claim tell the story of who we are, and why we can’t possibly all get along because we’re all so different from each other; differences depicted by the color of our skin, religious beliefs we practice, what country we’re from, what languages we speak, the list goes on… the truth is that despite all our apparent differences that have the potential to segregate us, we all also have a very strong foundation with the potential to unify us, we all have a skeleton, so beyond skin-deep, we’re all the same underneath.”

Painting with Soul:

“The Skeleton being our foundation, also symbolizes the soul, the part of us that encapsulates love & our journey, the part that never dies. The landscapes within my paintings are pulled from special places I enjoy daily, or places I’ve been blessed to discover through travels. My characters are based on beloved family members, friends, and pets, and when people commission custom paintings, my real work is in getting to understand their love, their joy. Once that research is complete, I know I’ll be able to create a work of art that speaks of their soul, and so they will be able to resonate with the art for a lifetime, and beyond… People, places, and everyday moments bonded in love – these are the elements I work with through a calling to communicate soul, and what I believe makes LIFE worth living and dying for.”

“through exploring my skeleton within,
i’ve found what propels me to paint”

About The Artist

Stacey Sullivan De Maldonado

20 years of creating ‘Los Muertos Fine Art Works’ in the enchanted city of Santa Fe, NM, Stacey Sullivan de Maldonado, a world-renowned artist now presents her hand-drawn artworks as LMFA NFTs!



in love i   to the bone


999 Limited Edition NFT Collection All Completely Hand-Drawn &
Hand-Painted by The Artist

  Full Art Works To Be Revealed At Mint

Rarity Tiers

The Team


The Artist

Sante-Fe NFT



Founders & Project Leaders


The Enlivener


When is the Mint?

The mint is live

How Can I Buy An NFT?

What is the collection size?

999 In love to the bone NFT's

What Are The Mint costs?

Mint Pass Holders: Price: 0.11 ETH
Whitelist: Price: 0.13 ETH
Public: Price: 0.155 ETH
Now accepting credit card purchases in $USD

What Is The Santa

A place where artists and collectors can come together to celebrate the greatest way to patronize an artist in the history of art. Santa Fe NFT

What blockchain is it on?

The ERC-721 token is on the Ethereum Blockchain and file hosting is IPFS.

What is 'Pass-the-Bone'
Artist Mentorship Token?

This is a token of Stacey Sullivan de Maldonado's desire to pass on, "How to Make It as an Artist," to other students, and aspiring artists. It grants access to a unique mentorship opportunity with Stacey; having been an intern herself with Santa Fe, NM renowned artist/ illustrator Joel Nakamura when she was fresh out of art school, coupled with her unique insight and experience gained by working as a full-time artist/ illustrator for 20+ years. Holding (1+) LMFA NFTs permits entry for this unique opportunity. Application process to be announced following the Launch – Stay tuned...

Is there a Whitelist?

We value people who genuinely engage to help others in our community. Becoming one of these people could grant you a Whitelist spot to mint our project. We'll also have giveaways to earn a whitelist spot. Visit our discord server to learn more about how you can get Whitelisted.

How can I buy an NFT?

You will be able to purchase an NFT directly on this website with Ethereum (ETH) by using the MetaMask extension.

What does "Mint" mean?

The process by which your digital art or digital content becomes a part of the Ethereum blockchain.

How do i contact the team?

Join our Discord, and feel free to ask any questions You have, all essential information Will be announced on Discord.